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Neon Orange meets mega pink; soft rosé and muted green; neon pink and mint green; Neon orange exploding on very soft rosé; neon orange crossing super intensive pink.
At first sight strikingly bold, these unusual colour combinations realised with highly pigmented silk screen printing is far from being one-dimensional. Whether it's 'Extra loud meets super subtle' or 'sweet and intensive opposition' these bold colour clashes make these notebooks a real eye magnet. And to top it off: sensationally coloured book edges. For those who don't fear to attract attention... in a good way.
+ Special flex cover notebook with a cover made of smooth bonded leather
+ Edge colouring and limited edition silk screen print 
+ Eco-friendly 
+ Thread stitching allowing notebook to lie flat 
+ 120g finest Munken paper with dot grid pattern 
+ No. of pages: 256 pages
Dimensions: 1.60 x 16.50 x 22 cm
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