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An homage to Zero Halliburton’s legendary cases, the Classic Aluminum 2.0 series redefines modern American luxury. The 24-inch case is large enough to fit all your travel essentials, but easy to maneuver through busy terminals. An array of tie-down buckles, mesh compartments and compression panels inside the nylon-lined case keep your belongings organized and in place, while a detachable garment bag transports your closet to your hotel room. Four double spinner wheels offer a safe, seamless glide. Fastened with a TSA-approved lock and airtight seals, Zero Halliburton’s iconic steel casing is available in four versatile color ways — the perfect blend of form and function.  

Made in the USA from Imported Materials



WEIGHT (mass) EMPTY: 6.7kg

DIMENSIONS: 45.7W x 25.4D x 66.0H cm


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