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Low profile alternative to movable paver base.

Includes Finbrella; spigot pole allen key and low profile galvanised still floor base.

Finbrella is made of Olefin 220 gsm woven fabric ASTM rated 'Very good' (UPF 50+) weather-ability and colour fastness.

For canopy options please call 1300 866 933.

Finbrella specifications:

Canopy Diameter: 220cm
Total height: 255cm
Ground clearance (open on base): 210cm
Ground clearance (canopy closed): 130cm
Shade area: 3.2m2
Weigh (frame and canopy): 4.9kg
Weight (with stainless still centre pole): 6.7kg

Base specifications:

Diameter: 80mm

Height: 10mm

Weight: 40kg

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