Finbrella - The World's Best Wind Stable Umbrella

by Andrew Grzina

Australians love the sun. If you’re looking to stay safe whether you’re in the garden or by the pool, make the smart choice and invest in a Finbrella. Purpose built for our lifestyle, Finbrellas are designed in Australia for Australian's, providing attractive and effective shade protection against sun, wind and rain.

What sets the Finbrella apart is its unique, wind-stable design. Stable on even gusty days, your new umbrella won’t turn inside out thanks to its clever canopy geometry. Rather than relying on vents to reduce the effect of wind on the canopy, Finbrellas are designed with an innovative fin and are designed to allow the canopy to rotate. Allowing the umbrella to move reduces the effect of wind, meaning no more turning inside out or blowing away.

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