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MEMMO Level Stylus tool pens with Phillips head/screw driver, spirit level and ruler add a practical dimension to writing.

Move over, Swiss Army Knife. This absolute weapon was designed for the unsung heroes of the 20th century: the corporate worker.

The MEMMO Level Tool Pen features a bunch of handy gadgets – including a Phillips head and screw driver, a built-in stylus, a ruler, pocket clip, and a spirit level. That means you can spend less time rustling around in your desk for junk, and more time being productive.

Oh, and did we mention it writes?  This bad boy eats biros for breakfast. Each MEMMO tool pen comes with a universal mini ballpoint refill, and is equipped with a textured grip so you can write comfortably in those agonisingly long meetings.


+ Practical multi ballpoint with in-built tablet stylus, and screw driver
+ Textured grip
+ Pocket clip
+ Ruler & Leve

+ Universal mini compact ballpoint refill

+ Corporate branding available
+ BODY: Colour print

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