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TERN Link D7i

Low step-through? Doesn't sound particularly sporty does it? But with the Nevo you’d be surprised. The striking silhouette expansive frame profile and hard edges promise sportiness and determination. The positioning of the battery on the front of the lower tube makes the design redolent of a motorbike. In functional terms this means a central arrangement of the centre of gravity which produces neutral safe handling in all riding situations. A touring bike with a comfortable step-through and at the same time exceptionally sporty qualities - the Nevo isn’t just the newest kid on the Riese & Müller block it's also an E-Bike of the future generation



Motor and battery - The heart of an athlete.

With its tremendous driving force and pedal assistance of up to 275% you can conquer any mountain and any terrain. The Bosch Performance Cruise motor assists you up to 25 km/h.  Even walking your E-Bike helps out with its pushing aid. The standard Intuvia Display or the optional Nyon Display can serve as a control centre with a smartphone charging function. Ultra-modern Bosch lithium ion batteries with a 500 Wh energy reserve provide the power for whichever mountain you want to conquer.


The fastest route to a standstill.

The hydraulic Magura MT4 disk brakes deliver maximum performance no matter what the weather. The large brake disks allow the braking effect to be distributed most effectively. They don’t produce rim wear and impress with their consistent braking performance.


Load up set off.

Baskets panniers and child seats can be secured in record time to the carrier thanks to the “snapit” system from racktime. With just a click your payload can be changed quicker than a pit stop. Accessories can be obtained from your dealer.

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