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orged from the same durably sophisticated brushed aluminum and design references as our Pursuit Aluminum Travel Cases, the Pursuit Attaché Case makes a striking impression in every environment. With such exceptional attributes as a bespoke, ergonomic handle designed to complement the case color, a combination lock for security, and a sleek, coated leather interior, this elevated attaché is a step above any briefcase. Enduring as a classic automobile, the ZH Pursuit Aluminum Medium Attaché Case commands attention with strength, subtlety, and style.

ZH Brushed Exterior

The road less traveled is often not the smoothest course. That’s why our textured brushed aluminum exterior balances durability with design. The pattern minimizes the appearance of scratches and dents, so your everyday battles aren’t apparent on the surface of your attaché case. The sculpted concave ribs transport Halliburton’s signature double rib design to a modern era.

ZH Concave Edging™ 

The striking silhouette created by the ZH Concave Edging™ showcases the full-expression of the new design language. Crafted to better resist and mitigate damage, the shape helps ensure that your attaché case stays pristine and professional looking for years to come.

ZH Bespoke Carry Handle

The exceptional high-gloss handle is made from a proprietary polycarbonate material crafted through a customized two-shot molding process to produce an unparalleled depth of rich color. The ergonomic cushion-cut shape pays homage to the cellulose plastic handles of our mid-century cases and is designed to rest comfortably in the palm of your hand and complement the exterior color of each case.


Weight: 2.50kg

Dimensions: 45.7W x 8.9D x 33.0H cm

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