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With its authentic finish stylish contours and portable construction the EcoSmart Fire Dish is the perfect drawcard for entertaining outdoors. Specifically designed to use on your balcony deck patio courtyard or pool pavers Dish captures the warmth and ambiance of a campfire without dangerous sparks and messy soot.

Constructed of durable all-weather black steel the circular design revives the long-forgotten tradition of sitting around an open fire on a starry night.

“The Dish allows you to enjoy the glow of a campfire without having to pay for expensive kindling ” says celebrity gardener and landscape designer Jason Hodges. “It’s easy to use and quick to turn on and off leaving you more time to enjoy the company of family and friends.”

Unlike wood-fired models Dish is fuelled by bioethanol a readily available environmentally friendly renewable energy that generates a beautiful orange flame with no smoke no odour no mess and no fuss.

Whether you’re planning a pool party or a quiet night at home the EcoSmart Fire Dish will enhance the atmosphere of any evening.

The Dish is available in Rust Finish Black or White

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