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We do not offer standard models because no Brompton is standard: every bike is built by hand from scratch to order.

There are four different types of Brompton with different handlebar styles designed for different styles of riding and use. There are many variations possible with a custom-built B-spoke order .

A key feature of the Brompton is the compactness and practicality of its fold. With a little practice this is achieved without any difficulty in 10 - 20 seconds. The dimensions of the folded bike are: 585mm high x 545mm long x 270mm wide.

When folded a Brompton stays locked together making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that the bike will unfold - reassuring when running for a train or handing it to a cloakroom attendant!

There are no projections or loose parts with the folded package and using the frame or saddle as a handle it carries like a small suitcase lightweight and easy to manage. The fold is designed to keep vulnerable parts like lights and cable-runs out of harm's way and by folding them in to keep the greasy chain and gears away from clothing and luggage. Small rollers allow the bike to be pushed into inaccessible corners.

DOWNLOAD THE CURRENT BROMPTON 2013 BROCHURE  to see all the variations possible.

Since each bike is built to your specification to suit your needs it is best to talk to one of our specialists to discuss options and colours. Call us on 1300 866 933.

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