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Ethanol suitable for ECOSMART fireplaces available from FORM + DESIGN in convenient twenty litre bottles. We have a convenient system whereby you can return your empty fuel bottles to us (as long as they were purchased from FORM + DESIGN) saving you the inconvenience of disposing of your 20 Litre fuel bottles!

We only sell IMS-100 grade fuel the purest form of Methylated Spirits. Click on this link to learn more about the different types of fuel available. The normal type of Methylated Spirits available at other stores (such as hardware and grocery stores) is IMS-95 - a less pure form of Methylated Spirits. Some other sellers of fuel sell SMS-F4 which is a fuel we do not recommend due to the higher odour output.


Pick up from store only.


Since we can only hold limited amounts of fuel in our store you can call ahead and order your fuel over the phone to make sure that we have the fuel when you need it.


The fuel we use and recommend is supplied by Manildra and manufactured in Australia. We use IMS100 (100% denatured ethanol blend).

IMS100: Often bearing the label "100% v/v Ethanol". This formulation uses 99.75% Ethyl Alcohol 0.25% Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK).


Call us on (02) 9438 3344 to order.


 Material Safety Data Sheet available on request.

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