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Designed to fit onto the RIGHT side of the ALUVY MARCEL Charcoal BBQ.

The ALUVY JEAN Original Outdoor Storage Cabinet, the perfect companion to your MARCEL barbecue, elevating your outdoor culinary experience to new heights. JEAN isn't just a cabinet; it's a versatile addition that transforms your barbecue into a complete summer kitchen, seamlessly blending design with functionality.

With JEAN by your side, the possibilities are endless. Easily attach it to the side of your ALUVY MARCEL barbecue, creating a customized setup tailored to your needs. This versatile cabinet serves as a convenient work surface, allowing you to prepare your culinary masterpieces while keeping all essentials within arm's reach. JEAN doesn't compromise on storage—featuring two spacious compartments, it accommodates your outdoor BBQ tools, pans, charcoal stash, spices, and more. It's a compact yet spacious solution designed to organize your outdoor cooking space efficiently.

Crafted for durability and longevity, JEAN boasts the prestigious Origin France Guaranteed certification, proudly manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Its worktop is constructed from a solid 8mm thick aluminum plate, ensuring stability and resilience. The sides are also meticulously crafted from aluminum and coated with anodized epoxy paint, ensuring durability while maintaining an elegant appearance.


  • Large Aluminum Worktop
  • Unique French Design
  • Origin France Guaranteed
  • Compatible with ALUVY model MARCEL


Dimensions: 89 X 84 X 64cm
Materials: Aluminum Plate + Sides, Anodized epoxy paint


The colored walls, leg and the worktop : These parts are made of aluminum. They must therefore be cleaned with a non- (or weakly) alkaline product. Take a microfiber cloth and gently rub the plates and the worktop to remove the stains.

The shelves: they are made of steel. They can be cleaned with any type of detergent.

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