How much Fuel do Ecosmart Ethanol Flueless Burners Use

by Andrew Grzina

All Ecosmart burners are different. They use fuel at different rates and some burners have fixed outputs whilst others can vary their output.

We have attached a simple table to show you how much each of these burners are likely to use. We have shown this with average burn time with using a 20 Litre supply of fuel, which is the standard bottle size that we sell.

Burn Time per 20 Litre Bottle of fuel
BK5 (Variable Output) 30 hours (max output) - 88 hours (min output)
XL90024 hours
XL700 27 hours
XL500 40 hours
XS340 44 Hours
AB3 64 hours
VB2 60 Hours

The above times are approximate and can vary according to burner settings, altitude, environmental condirions and several other factors.

Ecosmart Mini T