What is an e.Bike?

by Andrew Grzina

e.Bikes are fairly new to Australia. With the proliferation of bicycles on our streets up until now there has really only been a choice between two types of bike, Road bikes or Mountain bikes.

There is now a third choice, city bikes. City bikes are typically designed for comfort and longevity rather than speed and performance. The Dutch have been building bikes for a very long time. Their bikes have evolved into comfortable bikes with large seats and an upright siting position.

We are finding that our customers are really enjoying the fact that there is now greater choice in the Australian market place with the addition of these bikes. In the search for a good comfortable city bike we came across the Gazelle brand. Gazelle is not well known to Australians, but is very well known across Europe. Gazelle is The Netherlands oldest, largest and most respected bicycle company. Their quality is renowned and in Europe Gazelle is regarded as the Mercedes-Benz of bikes.

Which brings us to e.Bikes!

e.Bikes are electrically assisted bikes. They do not have a throttle and they provide power to the motor in the hub of one of the wheels only when the rider is cranking the pedals. It is a bit like power steering in a car. The steering wheel will not turn itself, but with power assistance it is easier to turn. The e.Bike operates in the same way, it won't move by itself, but it will provide power when you are pedalling and therefore require less effort to pedal.