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XL 1200 Burner with 10 Litre Fuel Capacity

Elongating a naked flame may seem straightforward but it’s quite complex when you consider the way stainless steel contracts and expands at various temperatures. The Fire Company solved this challenge and also incorporated these features in the XL series:

A reliable and safe extinguishing system courtesy of a special shut-off mechanism and precision measurements. XL burners operate under all conditions at all temperatures every time – reliable consistent and reassuring.

A patented filling point is separated from the ignition zone and engineered so that the jerry can spout is fully supported prior to releasing the fuel supply. This eliminates the usual splash and spills that often occur when fuel is decanted into the burner while simultaneously reinforcing the maximum fill line within the burner.

Purpose-designed baffle inserts allow you to regulate and further stabilise the flame at the same time as increasing fuel efficiency of the burner.

Custom designed extension lighting rod and gliding swivel ring that allows you to open the burner and extinguish the flame. The series’ ‘flip lid’ shut-off system fits perfectly across the ignition zone to extinguish the flame and when it is open denies access to the separated filling point as a deterrent to filling the burner while it is in operation.

A deep-draw fabrication process eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks.


L 1253mm [49.3in]

W 248mm [9.8in]

D 124 mm [4.9in]

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