Burner - BK5 - 5 Litre


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The BK5 Burner is the latest incarnation of the original Burner 1. This is the most versatile and the biggest selling burner in the Ecosmart range.

With a 5 Litre fuel capacity this burner can operate between 7.5 and 21 hours depending on the setting.

The big advantage of this burner over most others is that you can adjust the burner output infinitely from minimum to maximum.

The BK5 is capable of providing a huge amount of heat with a large flame or is can be set to idle on the low setting to provide a small amount of heat.

This burner is FORM + DESIGN's favourite burner.


L 400mm [15.7in]

W 317mm [12.5in]

D 123mm [4.8in]

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