by Andrew Grzina

FORM + DESIGN has been appointed as the Exclusive importer of Zero Halliburton luggage and accessories into Australia.

The ZERO Halliburton story began by creating the first aluminium travel cases. Contemporary design, unsurpassed quality and protection meeting military specifications define the essence of the company. Security, durability and reliability were the top priority around eighty years ago and remain the same today.

The original ‘Halliburton’ aluminium travel cases were hand made for Erle P. Halliburton’s personal use in 1938. A globetrotting professional oil field engineer, Halliburton was often disappointed with luggage that failed to protect his wardrobe and documents when exposed to the harsh conditions of extreme dirt, heat and dust. Drawing upon the engineering knowledge of his staff, Halliburton guided the development of the world’s first aluminium cases. These unique cases, equipped with smooth sides and an air-tight sealed gasket kept moisture, dirt and dust out.

The distinctive look and legendary durability has attracted European royalty, Hollywood stars and smart travellers searching for the strongest case on the market.