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The Original Ideas Lamp since 1937​

Before PIXAR Studios brought the Luxo L-1 to the silver screen and made it part of their logo, the Luxo L-1 already was world famous and copied by many. FORM + DESIGN only sells original products from original manufacturers and we are happy to have the Luxo L-1 as part of our product range.
Sleek and elegant, purposeful and pliable, the L-1 task light design is contained within itself. Nothing to add, nothing to subtract. It’s so simple, it’s almost obvious. But then again, great ideas always are. 

A great idea always seems self-explanatory when you see it for the first time. It's as if some sort of truth has been hidden, just waiting to be brought out into the light - such as recognizing how a jointed construction, resembling the human upper and lower arm, is a desirable model of functionality in a task light. Seeing its potential and bringing it to life with a few bolts, some nuts and springs as “muscles”. Which, of course, brings us the L-1 task light. 

With more than 25 million task lights sold globally, the L-1 has probably seen more bright ideas come to light than any other task light in the world. Cherished by creatives, students, engineers and design savvy households alike, it has been illuminating their thoughts and ideas for more than 80 years.
Designed by: Jac Jacobsen
L-1 was designed by Luxo’s founder, the Norwegian industrialist Jac Jacobsen. He had received two crane-like spring balanced luminaries as part of a shipment of sewing machines from England. Being technically minded he took a fancy to the strange looking luminaries, with their great functionality and timeless beauty.

Although the technical invention was ingenious, Jac Jacobsen soon realized that the construction as a whole was primitive. He succeeded in improving it. Manufacturing started in 1937 under the name Luxo, derived from Latin – I give light.

L-1 soon became known as a real productivity booster in schools, offices, industrial plants and health care facilities, and a design icon among architects and designers all over the world.

Jac Jacobsen lived to be 95 years old and was active in the company until his last days.
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