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Standalone or perfectly paired with complementary furniture pieces, EcoSmart’s modern Sidecar 24 fire pit is created to provide design flexibility for indoor and alfresco environments.


ALL Sidecar 24 variants are supplied with the square S370 Firescreen. The round R400 Friescreen is available at extra cost.


Weight 49.90kg [110lb]
Model Dimensions mm [in] L 610mm [24in]W 610mm [24in]H 458mm [18in]
Application Indoor & Outdoor
Materials Fluid Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304 (optional Black Ceramic Coating), Tempered Glass

Burner Efficiency

Capacity: 8 L [2.1 Gal]
Heats on Average: 60m2 [646ft2]
Minimum Room: 116m3 [4097ft3]
Burn Time: 7 - 11h
Thermal Output: 21.56 MJ/h - 20433 BTU/h - 6 kW


Caring for your EcoSmart Fire FLUIDTM CONCRETE SURFACES

Concrete is a natural material and therefore each and every model will be unique in appearance.


The solid surface surrounds of your EcoSmart Fire can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water with a soft cloth.

Do not use heavy abrasives, bleach based products or ammoniated cleaners - use of such cleaners will wear down the sealer and result in scratches and decease stain resistance. We do not recommend use of most natural cleaners (which are often citrus based), as the cleaning agent is typically highly acidic and can damage natural materials.

It is recommended to test a small, discreet area first to ensure the cleaning product will not mark or damage the surface.

Avoiding Stains

In the event that the coating is knowingly cut, scraped, or damaged, a new layer of polymer sealer should be applied. Spills should be wiped up as soon as possible. While the sealer performs well against stains from oils and acidic materials, prolonged exposure may cause a breakdown of the sealer and possible discoloration.

Do not place hot objects on the surface as they may cause discoloration. Using a trivet is recommended. Refrain from applying blue painter’s tape or other adhesives directly to the product.

Although not considered a defect, non-structural hairline cracks are possible and may result from shrinkage and the natural curing process. If hairline cracks do appear, immediately apply a sealer to prevent moisture from seeping into the cracks and causing discoloration. Reseal the surrounding surfaces periodically with a polymer sealer.

General Maintenance

Concrete is a porous material and while the surface is sealed at
point of manufacture, the sealer may break down over time due to environmental factors like UV rays and general use. This unit has been sealed with a polymer car wax to seal and protect it. We recommend you reseal it every 6 months for maintenance. Use the protective cover when not in use.

Removing Stains

Even with adequate sealer, liquids like red wine, oil, and other acid products could still break down the sealer and be absorbed into the material - particularly if not well maintained. To remove you could try a fine grit sand paper to remove the stains from the surface (remembering to test a small patch in a discreet area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the surface). Then re-apply sealer.

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