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Just holds it there


Jot is a suction hook that sticks on anywhere to hold anything just where you want it. Jot is perfect for holding a toothbrush or razor in the shower a pen on the fridge or a phone charger cable on your desk or bedside table. Jots are so handy they come in packs of 4.


Designed to suck. And stick.

Jot is a suction cup so it works best on shiny surfaces like glass, tiles, or these clear plastic discs. To use your Jot on a rough surface, like wood, suction your Jot to the clear discs provided and then use the double sided tape on the disc to stick your Jot anywhere you like.


A weight off your mind.

Surface texture, time, and how clean the surface you’re sticking your Jot to will affect how much weight it can hold, but we’ve tested Jots on mirrors holding over 1.0lb / 450g and the suction has lasted for years!


A trick worth jotting down.

Jot is made from PVC which has a ‘memory’. If it starts to become a bit flat after being stuck down for a long time, just pop it in hot water for a few minutes to ‘remind’ it of its original shape and presto! Good as new!

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