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Hand made in Australia from Australian timbers by Michael Retter.

From the Impossibles series by Michael Retter.

This piece provides the optical illusion that there are curves and waves in the design. It is as if the squares are not sure.

However nothing could be further from the truth. Each of the large squares are identical in shape and size and there is not a curvy line in the whole piece.

It took Michael many months to develop the pattern he used in this piece. Even after knowing that there are not curvy lines and that the squares are all the same and looking at this piece over and over again it still looks curvy.

This piece would be an ideal decoration in a conference room board room reception area where it could be coupled with the theme "All is not as it would appear".

This would look equally impressive in a luxury home.


Any actual curvy lines showing in the attached picture (compared with a straight edge) are from unintended photographic distortion. The actual piece is as described above. The photograph however is a very good representation of the actual piece and relays the curves perceived by the human eye.

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