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OpenFit continues the Shokz open-ear concept to let users enjoy all-day comfort and hear their own soundtrack while staying open to the world around them. OpenFit offers an ultra-lightweight, open-ear construction to hear both your own audio and every sound around you with crystal clarity.
DirectPitch™ technology produces a full audio experience to immerse yourself in your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. A flexible ear hook design combines stability and comfort. Moments are precious, and OpenFit gives you the freedom to hear every one of them.


Open-Ear Design for Ultimate Comfort 

Incredible Audio Experience with Powerful Bass

Maintain Situational Awareness

Up to 28 Hours of Listening1
OpenFit continues the Shokz open-ear concpt with a compact earbud design.
OpenFit is built around the ear, leaving the inner ear to keep you engaged with the world.
1 Up to 28 hours of listening with the charging case and up to 7 hours of battery life with a single charge.
A 5 minute quick charge in the case provides 1 hour of listening time.
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